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Top 8: Results

Most of us have Devin coming in last this week, with a minority naming Burnell instead. Here we go!

Top 8: Performances


It's Motown Detroit Week!

Top 9: Results

Our predictions are all over the map this week.

Top 9: Performances


It's Beatles night! (Which is a slight change; in years past, it's been "Lennon/McCartney night.")

Top 10: Results


Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips are in the house!

Belated Notes on What Came Before

So this is way late, but for what it's worth, this was my take on some of the things that came before the finals.

Top 10: Performances


I haven't watched most of the runup to this, I admit, but the finals are upon us!

The Tenth Annual Idol Annex Pool!

Welcome, one and all, to the...

tenth annual Idol Annex pool!

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