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According to Ryan on Twitter, there were a record 132 million votes last night.

Top 2: Performances


Down to the ultimate showdown! In this corner... yet another white guy with a guitar. In this corner... the best musical mimic you'll hear this year. Both have trouble showing any sort of personal connection to what they're singing about. Voters, it's time to pick your poison. This... is American Idol!

Top 3: Results


Tonight, we determine which two people will be surprised with a Ford next week! This... is American Idol!

Top 3: Performances


Note once again: next week, the performances will be on Tuesday, followed by the finale on Wednesday. (Followed on Thursday by So You Think You Can Dance, for those who care about that.)

Here Comes the Math


As matters currently stand, I have 11 points; Angela and Shlomo have 10; everybody else has 9. I don't think the pack has ever been this close together at this point in the season. But that can change...

Time once again for the annual spoilerific look at what might happen next!

It's pretty interesting this year... but if you'd rather work out the math for yourself, or if you prefer to make your picks without thinking about tactics, skip the rest of this entry.

Top 4: Results

I know Pam posted a comment of some sort on the last entry, but I am not looking at it, because I haven't seen the results yet. On to the recording!

Top 4: Performances


Back in the semifinals, I was doubting whether this season was going to be worth watching. Clearly this was crazy talk!

Top 5: Results


Most of us are guessing this will be Phillip's last night as a finalist. Are we right?

Top 5: Performances


And then there were five!

Two themes: the 60s, and Brit-Pop.

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