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Top 6: Results

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All but one of us are guessing that Elise will go home this week. Based on the season so far, that means she's totally safe.

Top 6: Performances


Queen week! (Because we're sticking with two-hour performance shows, that means one song by Queen, one song contestants' choice.)

Top 7 Redux: Results


Most of us have Elise going home, though Angela's shooting for a shock re-elimination of Jessica. This is American Idol!

Revised Judges' Save Scoring


Word has it that only one person is going home tonight, not two. I'm not entirely sure this is so, but it would explain why Ryan never did make a point last night about there being a double departure coming. In any event, this has forced me to reconsider the way I score such things... in hindsight, while no solution is perfect, I don't think the one I've had until now (.5 points for a prediction that would have been right if not for the save, and .75 points for either of the two dropped the following week) makes much sense.

So. New, retroactive ruling. A prediction that would have been right if not for the save gets one point. (Congrats, Mo; you just picked up another half-point.) If only one person is eliminated this week, one point will be given for that result as well. If two people are eliminated, without any indication of which had more votes, you get .5 points for putting either in 6th or 7th place. (In the highly unlikely event that two people are eliminated, and we do know which had more votes, then they'll be worth one point apiece at 6th and 7th.)

Top 7 Redux: Performances


Dick Clark died today.

Ryan looks uncharacteristically somber. The show must go on, he's powering on through—Clark would want nothing less—but this is not a good day.

Top 7: Results


Every one of us picked Hollie to go home tonight. Are we right?

Top 7: Performances


And away we go...

Top 8: Results


Eight go in... seven come out! Well, unless the judges save someone. Let's see what happens!

Top 8: Performances


Songs of the 80s. Here we go!

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