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Top 9: Results

Wow... I'm watching American Idol live. What a concept!

Top 9: Performances

Today was a lazy, lazy "recover from being overseas" day. Which was fine, except I had a nagging feeling I was forgetting something...

...oh, right. There was a television show.

Top 9: Pool Predictions Here


I'm home, and the show is airing now, but I'm still recovering from the trip. Plus it's almost 2 AM London time. The upshot is I expect I'll watch the show in the morning, at which time I'll also update the spreadsheet with last week's picks and results.

It's good to be back.

Top 10: Performances

I'm in the United Kingdom, land of Shakespeare, Dickens, Shaw, and too many others to mention. Am I visiting the Oxford University libraries? Having high tea with scones? Perhaps paying a visit at Buckingham Palace? No, I'm in an Internet cafe a few blocks from my hostel, paying £1 an hour to watch American Idol clips on YouTube.

Top 10: Predictions here!


I haven't been able to see anything yet; hopefully that'll change tomorrow. Meanwhile, here's a place to put your predictions!

Top 11: Results


Ryan's exact words last night were: "even though we said goodbye to Jermaine this week, it's still business as usual; tomorrow the person with the lowest number of votes will be at risk of elimination, as we find out who has made the top ten, and who is going on the summer tour."

My choice of punctuation can be debated, and there's a tiny bit more wiggle room in there than I'd thought at the time. (If nothing else, "at risk of elimination" suggests that the Judges' Save is still potentially in play.)

Top 12 11: Performances


Maybe not the Top 12 after all? Ryan's tweeted this: "Unconventional #idol show tonight. Yes, we have to let someone go due to info from law enforcement. Addressing in first second of show." Let's see how they handle this!

Top 12: Pool Predictions Here!


Rumor has it that "Gentle Giant" Jermaine Jones is being kicked off the show tonight. I'll figure out how that affects the pool once I see what the producers do.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be out of my house for tonight's show. I'll catch up when I get home, but for now, here's a place to put your pool predictions. (Unless they announce that there's no vote this week, but what are the odds of that?)

Also... I'm also going to be out of the country next week. I have a couple of plans afoot for watching the show in England, but we'll see what happens. (The week after that, my return flight will likely get me home partway through the show. But then I should be set for the rest of the season.)

Finally, this year's spreadsheet is online, and there's also a link to it in the sidebar of the main Idol Annex page.

Top 13: Results

Three of us have Shannon going home this week, two Jeremy, one Elise. What will happen? This... is American Idol!

(And this entry is late on account of my being out for Purim.)

Top 13: Performances


It's the 400th episode of American Idol! And Ryan just promised a "major change in the show" on Twitter. Be afraid?

Sudden Pool Addendum!


Stop the presses! I just thought of something.

The Ninth Annual Idol Annex Pool!

Welcome, one and all, to the...

ninth annual Idol Annex pool!

Semifinals: Results

And on to the announcement of the ten finalists chosen by America, followed by attempts from the rest to become one of the three chosen by the judges. Or so the TV program guide tells me, and the show is two hours, so it's likely to be something along those lines. Let's find out!

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