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Top 11 Redux: Results

Pool predictions are mixed this week, with Thia, Naima, and Paul being the, umm, back-runners. Let's see what happens!

Top 11 Redux: Performances


I fixed the LiveJournal feed! It no longer displays comments posted here—which it never should have in the first place—and that seems to have eliminated whatever "illegal character" was making LJ cranky. So that much is good.

Top 11: Results


Latest tweet from Ryan:

RyanSeacrest Make sure ur watching @AmericanIdol tonight. We haven't ever done a results show like this before. That's all I can tell u now.

All seven of us are predicting that Haley's going this week. On the other hand, Ryan claims the results "may shock you." Let's see if they do!

Top 11: Performances


It's Motown week! I guess that rumor about genre weeks being eliminated was false...

Top 12: Results

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The LiveJournal feed is broken, and I don't know how to fix it. Anybody know stuff about RSS, MT, and LJ?

Meanwhile, most of us think it's Adios for Karen tonight.

Top 12: Performances


This week's theme: songs from the week the contestants were born!

Top 13: Results

Over 30 million votes this week!

"Unfortunately, someone will face elimination," which seems to imply that only one person is going home tonight. Good.

On the other hand, the bloody Judges' Save is back this season; it can be used at any time before the Top 5.

Three of us have Ashthon going home this week, two Lauren, one Haley, one Naima.

More after the jump!

Top 13: Performances


And away we go!

So, a few thoughts on what I've seen of this season... the good news is that Steven and J.Lo are way better than Kara and Ellen. They're no Paula and Simon, but... it's a kinder, gentler dynamic. Different, but not bad. At the end of last season, I complained that there was no empathy on the panel. That's not a problem this season; both of the newbies have that covered. The flip side of this is that Randy is now the closest thing we have to a tough judge, but after last year, I'll take it.

Whether the rest of the show can still retain enough interest, or whether the whole Idol thing is utterly played out remains an open question. But for now I'm willing to watch and see.

Pool predictions go in the comments... my reactions to the performances after the jump!

The Eighth Annual Idol Annex Pool!


"Is there a pool this year?" asks my brother.

It's a good question. I was suffering severe Idol fatigue at the end of last season, and I'm still not sure how I feel about this one. Come to that, I still have several recorded episodes I have yet to watch, including the boys' half of the semifinals. Mo hasn't gotten to watching at all yet. I know Pam's keeping up, as is my brother; I'm not sure about anybody else.

That said, what the heck. Let's go for it.

(Smiles, everyone!)

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