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Here we go!

Coming into the vote last night (so, I suppose, in the previous week's vote), the finalists were separated by less than two percent.

A few words before the finale

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(Well, I started typing this before the finale, and finished it during the first few commercial breaks.)

The past year has seen a devastating earthquake in Haiti, flooding in Rhode Island and Tennessee, an oil drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, and the most boring season of American Idol in its nine-year history.

How have things come to this pass? I'm not entirely certain, but that's not going to keep me from rambling about my pet theories.

Top 2: Performances


Final Two!

Three rounds: contestant's choice from songs performed earlier this season; Simon Fuller's choice; and the single.

Top 3: Results

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Lee Dewyze was the highest-trending topic on Twitter last night. I'm thinking he's safe. And we're all assuming that Casey's going home tonight. But we have an hour-long results show to sit through, including a performance by a boy who's just been nominated for Best New Artist at the BET Awards... Justin Bieber.

(Next year, the typical performance show is expanding to 90 minutes, and the results show is shrinking to 30. Good call, I'd say.)

Top 3: Performances


On to the top three. Does anybody still care? And has the show really gone downhill, or am I just jaded after nine seasons? (Probably a combination of both.)

Also, my internal clock once again thinks I ought to be asleep by now. This is gonna be interesting.

Pandora's Box: Here Comes the Math

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This is probably a bad idea.

That said, I got curious, and ran the numbers on the spreadsheet for all six of the possible outcomes left at this point. I realize that releasing the numbers might alter people's tactics... as is the case in quantum physics, observing something changes it.

Still, having worked all this out, I don't feel as if I can keep it all to myself with a clear conscience. So if you wanna see the scenarios for yourself, proceed to the rest of the entry!

Top 4: Results!


Right, slept through the results show. Over to the DVR now...

Top 4: Performances


It's Movie Night, with Jamie Foxx!

Top 5: Results


Everybody who's submitted their picks this week thinks it's the end of the line for Casey. Are we right?

Top 5: Performances


Happy Katie Stevens Day!

I assume that's Harry Connick, Jr., saying "This... is American Idol."

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