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Top 6: Results


Seven of us are betting this is Aaron's last night; two think it'll be Mike's.

Top 6: Performances


Shania Twain week! Once again, I'm crushed that Katie isn't still in the game; I really wanted to see if Simon was right.

(Though, once again, I hate single-artist weeks. They shoulda had her as mentor, and kept the theme as "country.")

Top 7: Idol Gives Back!


Just over half of us are predicting -- or hoping -- that this is Tim's last week, while the rest are divided among Casey, Aaron, or Michael. But never mind that now... it's time for Idol Gives Back!

[Warning: I am unusually cranky in the entry that follows. You might wanna skip to the end.]

Top 7: Performances


The two-hour Idol Gives Back show is tomorrow night! Meanwhile, we have one hour to whip through seven performances.

The mentor is Alicia Keyes, and the theme is inspirational music. Here we go...

Top 9 Redux: Results

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Nine finalists enter! Seven finalists leave!

Every one of us has predicted that Andrew will be one of those departing; about half of us think the other will be Aaron, with other possibilities being Tim, Michael, and Katie.

This... is American Idol!

Top 9 Redux: Performances


Here we go again... same nine as last week, but this time, two people are gonna be leaving us!

(For pool purposes, you'll get .75 points for each week you put either of the two departing finalists in either 8th or 9th place, unless Ryan unexpectedly announces which came in with fewer points than the other. [If he does, you'll get 1 point for correctly specifying 8th place, and .5 for 9th. But he won't.])

This week's mentor is Adam Lambert, and this week's surprise theme is Elvis.

(Insert my obligatory "single-artist themes suck" rant here.)

Top 9: Results


Two thirds of us think Tim has reached the end of his long and winding road. Are we right? (There are also two votes for Aaron, one for Andrew.)

Beatles montage, and here we go.

Top 9: Performances


This is the American Idol control room. And this... is American Idol!

Lennon/McCartney week. (I have a bad feeling about this...)

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