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Top 10: Results


Our predictions are mostly split among Andrew, Didi, and Tim going home this week. Who knows what'll actually happen.

"Clash of the Titans" trailer... and here we go!

Top 10: Performances


I'm not using my brother's Slingbox on account of it being Passover, but I've found another online source for FOX. Not the bestest quality, but it'll suffice. I don't wanna wait for the torrent tomorrow morning to get my fix.

The theme is soul/R&B, and the mentor is Usher. This... is American Idol!

Top 11: Results

All nine of us in the pool are predicting that Paige goes home tonight. Are we right? Or does she still have a fan base motivated enough to save her? This... is American Idol!

Top 11: Performances


Tonight's theme: #1 Billboard hits. Okay, that gives our finalists plenty of room to work with...

Top 12: Results

Our pool predictions are all over the map. In addition to those who have commented on the last entry, I've received three more via e-mail, Facebook, and whatnot... as I type this, three people think Lacey's going home; two think it'll be Tim, and one apiece suppose it'll be Aaron, Andrew, or Paige. (Here's the full spreadsheet. If I got anything wrong in copying people's predictions over, let me know.)

One thing we all do have in common, interestingly enough, is that not one of us thinks Crystal Bowersox is gonna win. I think she doesn't have enough room left to improve, and voters like seeing somebody grow throughout the season, and I don't really get the sense that she cares as much as the rest of the pack. Pam picks up on this sense of aloofness, saying that she doesn't seem as easy to relate to, and doesn't think she can get the all-important teen-girl bloc.

But I'm not officially foretelling anything, because that usually leads to my being proven wrong here. :-)

As for who will win, I don't think any of us is committed to this just yet... but as far as first guesses go, we're evenly divided between Big Mike and Siobhan.

Anyway. On to the results!

Top 12: Performances


Thank goodness for DVRs. This week has been moderately insane so far, and I got up from a fairly inadequate nap kinda late... but by fast-forwarding through commercials, I should catch up by the time the show ends. (I'll miss being able to keep up with the folks on Twitter in real time, but perhaps that's just as well.)

Anyway. It's Rolling Stones night! Dramatic entrance, RS montage, and here we go.

Semifinals: Top 16 Results

I was out of my apartment when this aired, but I've closed my @idolannex Twitter account to remain unspoiled. Now to watch it on my brother's DVR through the magic of Slingbox...

Matt and Scott from last season will be performing!

Semifinals: Top 8 Boys

And the semifinals are coming to their blessed conclusion. I never quite remember how much this stage sucks, relative to the first and third stages of the show.

Semifinals: Top 8 Girls

Eight singers, one hour. Whee!

Ellen's snuggling with Simon. Uh huh.

Semifinals: Top 20 Results

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I was off escorting my sister to a bus to Canada, so I missed seeing the results live, but I'm watching the recording now. (This'll probably happen again next week, when she returns.)

Let's see what happened...

Semifinals: Top 10 Girls


This was up in the air all day, but Crystal Bowersox has been cleared to perform! (Good thing, too, 'cause word was that she'd be cut otherwise, with one other girl going home this week.)

The Seventh Annual Idol Annex Pool!

I was going to wait to post this, but I've just gotten my first query on the subject, and I suppose there's no good reason to delay. Just note that this won't actually start until the finals, a bit less than two weeks from now.

Welcome, one and all, to the...

seventh annual Idol Annex pool!

(I just blew the entire year's special effects budget on that logo. Hope you liked it!)

Semifinals: Top 10 Boys

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They're putting the guys on tonight because Crystal Bowersox is sick. In related news, it's still fun to type "Crystal Bowersox." I want her to make it to the top just on grounds of euphony.

This week's theme: Billboard hits!

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