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Semifinals: Top 24 Results

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24 semifinals go in! 4 go home!

Over 24 million votes came in this week. Allison Iraheta's gonna be performing, and Kris Allen will be doing some sort of Haiti benefit thing.

Semifinals: Top 12 Boys

"This... is American-- Simon, stop talking." Cute.

Semifinals: Top 12 Girls

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We're live!

And, thank goodness, we're back to the semifinal format that works best: not picking the top three from various groups, but whittling them down gradually. Two girls and two boys to be cut each of the next three weeks.

Ellen is now on the opposite end of table from Simon, and claims that's because Simon can't keep his hands off her. This is followed by alleged tape of just that. Cute.

On to the performances!

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