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Top 5: Results

All of us seem to think Matt's sung his last. Are we right?

Top 5: Performances


Rat Pack week! Jamie Foxx is the surprise mentor. Let's see what happens...

Top 7 redux: Results!

In this week's predictions, we're split between Anoop and Lil or Allison and Matt going home. Let's see what happens!

Top 7 redux: Performances


Seven will enter! Five will leave! Well, tomorrow night, anyway...

Top 7: Results


Yeah, my internal clock continues to do what it does best. Let's see what happened...

Top 7: Performances


Was asleep when this aired... will watch the video clips later. Pool predictions go here!

Top 8: Results!

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Sorry about the delay... got roped into attending my landlord's seder last night.

Top 8: Performances


Running late... currently catching up on the DVR. Will probably add a quick summary after the jump when I'm done. [Have now done so.] Meanwhile, here's the thread for the predictions!

Top 9: Results

Spoilers ahoy!

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