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Top 9: Performances


My DSL service went out Thursday night, and returned this evening, just in time for Idol. Still catching up on Internet stuff...

Proposed Judges' Save Rule

So this is what I'm thinking. Correct predictions that are invalidated by the Judges' Save are worth half a point each. The following week, assuming that they don't bother saying which of the two people eliminated got more votes, a prediction of either one for either of the two weeks in question is worth three-quarters of a point.

That is... going with alphabetical order, supposing that Adam comes in 9th and the judges save him, you'd get .5 points for every week you put him in 9th place. If, the following week, Allison and Anoop were eliminated, you'd get .75 points for every week you had either Allison or Anoop in either 8th or 9th place.

It's not a perfect solution, but it does keep the same number of points in the system, and I don't have any better ideas.


Top 10: Performances


Motown week!

Top 11: Results

Y'know, I still have to figure out how to handle the Judge's Save in the pool. There are two questions: how to deal with a prediction that would have been correct if the judges hadn't intervened, and how to deal with the following week, in which two people are eliminated. My gut feeling is that both ought to involve some fraction of a point, but I don't know what fraction.

Anyway, on to the results. Who's getting cut from the tour?

Top 11: Performances


It's country week! Or "Grand Ole Opry week" this year. Who'll crash and burn this time?

Top 13: Results

My internal clock has been working its way around the day, the upshot being that I was asleep by the time the results show got underway. But this was fine, because my brother's TiFaux was recording it, and I'd be able to watch it via Slingbox once I woke up.

Or so went the theory. Turns out that the TiFaux settings got wiped a couple of weeks ago, and the instructions to snag all American Idol episodes had gotten lost in the process. Hmmph.

Well, on to Idol Chatter to see what happened...

Speculation on tonight's twist

Over on mjsbigblog—which I did not know existed until linked to this, but which looks like an excellent source of Idol information—MJ's posted an interview with Idol producer Ken Warwick on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Apparently, the new rule to be announced tonight was previously tried on the French version of the show.

According to Wikipedia, the past season of Nouvelle Star featured a rule in which the judges could veto any one elimination in the season, giving that contestant another shot.

In the case of the French version, the season appears to have been extended an additional week to make room for this. My understanding is that the American season schedule is pretty much set in stone, and has no such leeway. So either saving one contestant will mean saying goodbye to the person with the second-lowest number of votes or, more likely, the week following such a reprieve will have two eliminations.

But we'll find out tonight, I suppose.

(The producers seem determined to make things difficult for those of us trying to run pools... I'll figure out how to handle this once I know what we're dealing with.)

Top 13: Performances


It's Michael Jackson week!

As I've been saying for years, I hate single-artist weeks... but if you're going to do them, I suppose this is a good choice.

Two people will be eliminated this week! Which is pretty much what I expected.

...and I'm working on four hours of sleep, which is not helping.

The Sixth Annual American Idol Pool!


Welcome to the sixth annual Shmuel's Soapbox American Idol Annex pool! Come one, come all! Tell your friends!

The rules are essentially the same as last year's, and the year before that, and the year before that—in fact, I'm cutting and pasting wholesale—and they go as follows:

Semifinals: Wild Card

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So my assumption is that the judges will put through at most one guy. Probably they'll do exactly one, as selecting three girls would be a bit too blatant in balancing the demographics. Still, the performances themselves can matter. Let's see if I turn out to be right, after the cut!

Semifinals Group Three: Results

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...did Ryan just say the wild cards would be tomorrow night?

[checks TV listings]

Wow. They are.

More (including this week's results and the wild card contenders) after the jump!

Semifinals: Group Three

Reactions after the cut, as usual.

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