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Semifinals Group Two: Results!

After the cut, of course.

Semifinals: Group Two

As usual, to spare the West Coast people any spoilers, reactions are after the cut!

Semifinals Group One: Results!

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My television reception sucks, which is to say that I hardly have any at all. I've largely been getting by with Hulu and my brother's Slingbox. Sadly, the Slingbox is down tonight, and no amount of fiddling with the antenna is getting me more than static from Fox.

Scrambling around online, I've found a Fox affiliate being streamed, but it's on the West Coast, so Idol won't be on for another couple hours. So now the question is whether to wait, spoiler-free, till then, or follow the liveblogging on Idol Chatter.

Eh, who am I kidding. No way I'm waiting another few hours. Spoilers after the jump!

Season 8: Semifinals, Group One


It's that time of year again! (Spoilers after the jump.)

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