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Season 7: Finale!


Here we go!

An Open Letter to the American Idol Producers

I've been meaning to write this for weeks, but have put it off till the last minute... nevertheless, it is possible that you are still juggling the lineup for the Idol finale. (Given the Top 5 debacle, it may even be probable.) And so, these words.

Top 2: Performances


It's the battle of the Davids!

Top 3: Results


Will Syesha be this year's Diana DeGarmo? Yeah, I don't think so either. Results after the cut!

Top 3: Performances


I am still at work, but I am recording the performances, and I may update this later (tomorrow?) with reactions. Meanwhile, pool predictions go here...

It's the next day, I've got it at work. I'm also primarily focused on doing my actual job, so I'm mostly just listening, with occasional glances at the 2-inch image in the corner of the screen.

Top 4: Results

The cable guy's going to come down on Saturday, so I missed this too. (And, indeed, I just got home.)

Top 4: Performances


The new landlord is remodelling the house. It would seem that earlier today this had the side effect of knocking out my cable, and thus my TV, Internet, and phone service. Comcast says that there's a wider outage in the Boston area, and even though I can actually see where the cables have been ripped out of the place, their computers won't let them register this as a separate issue; If I still lack service in the morning, when the wider outage has been solved, I am instructed to call back then.

Upshot is that I'm missing Idol tonight. Fortunately, one of my neighbors has an unsecured wifi network (and either his cable is working, or he has DSL), which is how I'm getting this message out. Pool picks go here, as usual...

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