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Top 5: Results


Three of us guess that Brooke has mouthed off on a performance night for the last time, one person thinks Jason has gone as far as looks can carry him, and one person supposes that Syesha has cheated elimination for the last time. And there's always the chance that David Archuleta's massacre of "Sweet Caroline" will outweigh the patriotism of a nation. What will happen? This... is American Idol!

Top 5: Performances


Neil Diamond night. Two performances apiece!

And judging only after the second song. Huh.

The Jesus Factor

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When Carly chose "Superstar," I didn't worry too much about the song's potential to alienate non-Christian voters, for one reason: this has already been a remarkably Jesus-heavy season with regard to song choice, and it hasn't seemed to hurt Kristy Lee or Li'l Davy.

What I didn't consider was that it might also alienate Christian voters.

Top 6: Results


Brooke's hoping we must love her, while Jason's counting on the memory of better performances past. On to the results!

Top 6: Performances


Andrew Lloyd Webber week. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Top 7: Results


So Clinton and Obama are talking about their commitment to withdrawing from Iraq if elected and... oh, Idol time. Gotta have priorities!

Top 7: Performances


Mariah Carey's the mentor this week. I hope they're not dumb enough to confine the selections to her songs—single-artist weeks are never a good idea—but they probably are.

...yeah, they are. Hmmph.

Top 8: Results


Got home late, but just as Ryan started on the results, so close enough!

(Also missed most of Idol Gives Back last night, but whatever. I caught Miley Cyrus, anyway...)

Most of us think Syesha is finally heading home; Mo is the lone dissenter, and is predicting an upset of Carly. I personally voted for her about two dozen times to try to keep that from happening.

Top 8: Performances


Dammit. Left work late, missed the first song.

The rest follows!

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Top 9: Results


Most of us think Ramiele is going home tonight. (The exception is Pam, who's gone with Kristy.) Are we right?

Top 9 Performances


American Idol is being pre-empted by a celebrity episode of The Moment of Truth, starring Simon Cowell...


Dolly Parton's the mentor this week. Reactions after the jump!

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