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Top 10: Results


Who leaves the island this week? Jesse, Pam, and TeKay think it'll be Chikezie; Mo Pie and I have Syesha. (Mo via rollover from two weeks ago, granted.)

Let's find out!

Top 10: Performances


Tonight's theme: The Year They Were Born.

Rambling reactions follow!

Top 11: Results


Looks like everybody thinks Kristy is toast.

(Except Mo, who's out of town, and whose predictions roll over to Syesha in the #11 spot.)

Are we right? I kinda hope not. Spoilers ahoy!

Top 11: Performances


It's Beatles week. The week after Lennon/McCartney week. Boo, and also hiss.

But, anyway, on to the performances, after the jump...

Top 12: Results


In the pool, two people have Syesha going home, two picked David Hernandez, and I've named Jason. Let's see what happens next!

(Spoilers after the cut!)

The Fifth Annual Idol Annex Pool!


Welcome to the fifth annual Shmuel's Soapbox American Idol Annex pool! Come one, come all! Tell your friends!

(Edited to make a change I meant to make, but forgot... the prize has traditionally been a mix CD. I'm having second thoughts about that, partly because it traditionally takes me forever to get around to it, but mostly because who uses CDs anymore? I'm open to suggestions for something else...)

Anyway. The rules are the same as last year's—in fact, I'm cutting and pasting wholesale—and they go as follows:

Top 12: Performances


And now the season begins in earnest! The finals begin! New set! New intro!

Ryan is very pleased with the set, and he makes sure we all know it.

This week, it's Lennon/McCartney songs! (Which a montage makes clear is not confined to Beatles songs.)

(As an aside, belated credit where it's due... last week's appellation of "Emo McLips" for Danny Noriega owes a debt to Weetapidol's observation that "this kid is soooo emo." [They ended up dubbing him "Emo Muppet," which was even better.])

Semifinals: Top 16: Results

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Results and reactions follow!

Semifinals: Top 8 Girls

Reactions after the cut!

Semifinals: Top 8 Boys

The '80s! What a surprise!

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