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Semifinals: Top 20: Results

West Coasters, avert your eyes, for there be spoilers after the cut!

Semifinals: Top 10 Girls

Reactions after the cut!

Semifinals: Top 10 Boys

Rushing to the living room with a plate of freshly made fried rice... time for the second week of semifinals! This time it's '70s week. Liveblogging after the cut!

(Well, except that I'm not actually hitting "post" till the end. Delayed-blogging?)

Regarding Paula

Pam wrote the entry I'd wanted to after seeing the "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" video, only a zillion times better. Go read it!

Semifinals: Top 24: Results

Spoilers follow the cut!

Semifinals: Top 12 Girls

And on to the girls. Reactions follow the cut!

Semifinals: Top 12 Boys

First live show of the season, and I still owe people mix CDs. This... is American Idol.

The semifinal weeks have themes this year. I'm skeptical about that, but we'll see how it works out. It's 60s week, and the boys are on the hot seat tonight. Reactions to the performances after the cut!

(The pool starts in three weeks, once we get to the finals. The usual rules, though I'd like to know what they're doing with Idol Gives Back this year. More on that to come.)

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