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And we're off!

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New season! New contestants! New pool! Same old blog! WHOO!

Jennifer Hudson wins a Golden Globe award, and Idol kicks off the following night. They couldn't have scheduled this better if they'd tried.

...the good thing about the horrible auditions isn't watching the horrible auditioners. It's watching the judges trying to endure the horrible auditions.

Of course, it helps when there are good auditions every now and then, but it doesn't look as if they had many to work with in Minneapolis and Seattle.

Excellent work on the transitional montages, by the way, including the most apt use of Milli Vanilli ever. ("Blame it on the Rain" tying into the literal Seattle rain, contestants blaming every factor other than their lack of singing ability, and Milli Vanilli being fronted by people who couldn't sing.) The one bit I would've axed—traditional though it is—was the compilations of various contestants butchering the same song. It was clear that they'd been asked to do so and distracted me from the overall narrative, leaving me to try to reconstruct the auditions so as to fit the various reactions in.

Anyway, I'm very glad the show is back, and I'm looking forward to season 6.

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