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American Idol 2006


Those of you in time zones west? You want to see this episode. Trust me. There are some scary bits at the beginning, particularly the one involving Meat Loaf, but this was the best finale ever.

Top 2: Pool Predictions Here


This is it!

Top 2: Performances


Live! At the Kodak Theater!

Rule Clarification: Ties

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In the event of a tie for first place in my pool, both first-place finishers will get a mix CD. In the event that I take first place and there's a tie for second place, anybody who comes in second will get a mix CD. There will be no tiebreaker.

Both of these scenarios are within the realm of possibility this year.

A detailed breakdown of everybody's scores follows the jump, including what will happen if either contestant wins. If you'd rather work it out for yourself, go no further. In either event, please feel free to check my math on the spreadsheet; it's not impossible that I screwed up somewhere.

Top 3: Results

Is almost everybody in the pool correct in predicting Elliott will go home this week? Read on!

Top 3: Performances

I stayed home from trivia and watched the show live this week...

Top 3: Pool Predictions Here


And away we go...

Top 4: Results


Results after the cut!

Top 4: Performances

Elvis week. Okaaaaay...

Top 4: Pool Predictions Here


Umm, right. Here's the thread!

Top 5: Results


Still haven't seen the performances, but here are the results!

Top 5: Pool Predictions Here


Here ya go.

(I realized just before I left this morning that my VCR wasn't set properly, but had no time to fix it. But I'm optimistic that I'll be able to torrent it in time.)

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