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Top 6: Results


And on to the results

Top 6: Performances

Here goes...

Top 6: Pool Predictions Here


Oops. Sorry I didn't get this up earlier!

Top 7: Results

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And away we go...

Top 7: Performances

Oh, so they're not actually confined to Rod Stewart songs. Good. This might not suck after all...

Top 7: Pool Predictions Here


Post here, ye lucky people who get to watch the show when it airs!

(I'm not really complaining. It's my own fault that I put my social life slightly ahead of American Idol.)

Top 8: Results

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A one-hour results show, with time for twice the filler! Yay!

(Spoilers follow.)

Top 8: Performances

Queen night! I have a bad feeling about this...

Top 8: Pool Predictions Here


Here's this week's thread!

Top 9: Results

Results follow!

Top 9: Performances

Ooh, country! The week when, traditionally, most contestants crash and burn! Let's see how this plays out.

Top 9: Pool Predictions Here


Sorry this is late... post away!

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