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Top 10: Results


Spoilerific results follow!

Top 10: Performances

21st century music, huh? Okay...

Top 10: Pool Predictions Here


Here's the thread!

Top 11: Results


Spoilers follow!

Top 11: Performances


Watching the tape now... reactions after the cut.

Top 11: Pool Predictions Here


You know the drill.

Top 12: Results


Spoiler alert! This week's results follow.

Top 12: Performances

[typed while watching last night's tape, fast-forwarding through most of the non-singing bits]

Top 12: Pool Predictions Here


This is the thread for predictions following the Top 12 show. You can leave comments here.

(Note: "here" means on Do not leave comments on the "idolannex" LiveJournal feed. Thank you.)

2006 Pool!

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Oof. I meant to write this up over the weekend, but never got around to it... welcome to the third annual Shmuel's Soapbox American Idol Annex pool!

Semifinals: Week 3 Results!

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Spoilers ahoy!

Semifinals: Top 8 Women

Just finished watching the tape. Had I seen it live, I would have voted for Mandisa and Katharine. (I usually vote for only one person, but I've managed to convince myself that then two contestants are leaving, it's okay to vote for two people. I'm not sure this actually makes sense.) Paris and Kinnik were at the bottom of my rankings, with Lisa not far behind. Now to see what happens...

Semifinals: Top 8 Men


Pace Randy and Paula, I don't think this was a great week for the boys. They were all competent, but nobody excited me this time around. I'm voting for Kevin, who gets props for successfully managing the song that wiped Clay out, and for Will, because, what the heck, he's Peter Brady. Perhaps not the most lofty of criteria, but it's not as if anybody else gave me a better reason to vote for him.

With any luck, I'll watch the tape of the top 8 women before the results show tomorrow night.

Semifinals: Week 2 Results!

There be spoilers after the jump. Yarrr.

Semifinals: Top 10 Men

Chris was easily the best of the bunch this week. I voted for him, and also tossed a vote in Peter Brady's direction.

Thank goodness I swallowed my Diet Pepsi just before Kevin made his bid for the ladies in the pre-song video clip, or I would have spewed it all over my computer.

Finally, Ace is Constantine gone wrong.

Semifinals: Top 10 Women

I haven't actually seen this one yet. In theory, I was on my way to trivia, where I go every Tuesday night. In practice, this was an exception to the rule and I was asleep. Either way, I'm hoping to watch the tape tomorrow evening before seeing the top 10 men when that show is actually aired. Meanwhile, I'm open for comments below.

Oh, and if I haven't mentioned this here before, the pool will be returning for a third year in just under two weeks, at the start of the finals. Those of you who have been in the past one or two know the drill; for everyone else, the rules will be reposted one of these days.

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