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Semifinals: Week 1 Results!

Spoilers follow!

Semifinals: Week 1

The results show is starting shortly, so I'm going to make this fast... I haven't yet watched my tape of the 12 female semifinalists, so I have nothing to say about them. I did watch the boys last night, though. Personally, I voted for Chris, and had Ace ranked close behind -- "Wanted: Dead or Alive" and "Father Figure" were both excellent choices. I ranked Gedeon third. Will totally reminded me of Peter Brady; if he's smart, he won't try to perform "Time to Change" or "Sunshine Day" or "Keep On" or any of the other Brady Bunch Kids hits, but I secretly hope he will. And Kevin is this year's Jon Peter Lewis.

Talk amongst yourselves!

And we're back!

I'm dreadfully sorry that it's taken so long to get this site back up. Due to an influx of spam, I deliberately broke the comment feature until I could upgrade to something that had a way of preventing that. Once I finally got around to it, the upgrade itself was pretty painless, except for the bit where I screwed up and deleted much of the previous version. Fortunately, Verve Hosting had my back, with their usual stellar support far beyond the call of duty. Anyway, point is, the Idol Annex is back, and we're ready to party. Welcome!

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