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A Short One About Constantine


As some of you may have gathered, I currently think Constantine is the finalist most likely to become the next American Idol. I confess that while I hadn't thought much of him at the start of the semifinals, or even the finals, he's been growing on me in the weeks since then. I've felt that the boy's got moxie, and that he does better when he's not trying to be a rocker.

With that said, Annie -- y'all who were here last year probably remember Annie; she's been watching the episodes on tape this year due to a crazy-busy schedule, but she's otherwise alive and well -- made a wonderfully trenchant observation the other day. And I quote:

Constantine deserves to win American Idol because he's precisely the sort of multi-media famewhore hack that AI has always wanted but never quite managed to get.
I know the Ring of Truth™ when I hear it.

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Top 9: Performances

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This week's theme surprised me. I love showtunes. I love them a lot. But "Broadway" has been taken as more or less the antithesis of the American Idol ideal since the show started, and it really is a totally different style than pop, rock, or country.

I didn't care for Scott's "The Impossible Dream," but I'm biased; I love the song, and hated the pop arrangement. Anthony, Nikko, and Bo were also pretty weak. (And Bo picked his song at random? What the hell?) I thought the best performance was Constantine's -- I would have voted for him, had I seen the show live -- with Carrie a respectable second place.

And, sorry, Pam, but Constantine made me swoon a bit.

Anyway. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that Bo goes home this week, partly because it'd be cool if I turned out to be right. (This is independent of my bet-hedging pool prediction.) Otherwise, Anthony, or maybe Scott. Tough one to call, though...

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