Top 7: Results

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And away we go...

Next week... Andrea Bocelli is the guest coach? Huh!

(Fortunately, the theme's gonna be love songs, not opera.)

Two-group separation this week! Wonder if they'll try the George gambit again?

Elliott's on the far side.
Chris is on the near side.
Paris is on the near side.
Kellie is on the far side.
Ace is on the near side.
Katharine is on the far side.
Which means Taylor's gotta be safe, probably.
He is. And one of the groups is the bottom three.
And... yep, Ryan's asking Taylor to join the group he thinks is safe, after the break. If he's smart, he'll follow Bo's example and punt the question. Although they've put the groups further apart this time, perhaps to make that tougher.

Taylor moves to the near side, then zig-zags to the far side as Ryan says "I'm sorry." The far side is safe!
So is Paris!
It's down to Ace and Chris. Looks like everybody but me was right.
And, yup, Chris is safe; Ace is going home.
Why do they keep using that "Bad Day" song? Why? I don't think it works very well for the farewell videos...

Everybody but Heather picks up a point or two.

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Chris was in the bottom three, WTF!!! i'm not mad at AI even if they do rig certain sections, but those votepeople piss me off more than anything else.

ridiculous that kellie wasn't even in the bottom three.


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