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I'm not entirely surprised; there's a logjam of good female performers at this point, and no particular perception of clear and present danger for any of them, which is one reason why I didn't even try to predict what would happen this week (aside from the pool). Still... I was hoping Amy would stick around longer.

For anyone who missed the show -- and, you know, posterity -- Amy got voted out. Jennifer was her company in the Bottom Two, and LaToya joined them in the Bottom Three. An interesting set of results... I have a newfound respect for Camile's fanbase, not to mention that of John Stevens. We might have to lose a few more of the good ones before their fans consolidate enough to start forcing out the bad ones.

Still, I repeat: Rats.


I don't think the fans will consolidate to force out the bad ones; if they feel strongly about someone who leaves, they may just stop voting. If they don't stop voting, they may be consumed by the horrible but awesome Power of the Squee....

I have a vague feeling that the top three will be George, Redhead John, and Jon Peter.

Jennifer Hudson will be departing next week, absent a very very very very very VERY strong performance. After all, she's taken up permanent residence in the bottom three. (Did I mention that she'll pretty much have to blow away everyone else with her performance to survive?)

Nitpick: It's not the top 11, it's the top 10 cut down to 9.

Re: the title nitpick. Whoops. Thanks; fixed.

Especially at this stage of the game, I don't think most of the voters are that wedded to one performer or another. I think there are just too many decent choices out there. In my own rankings this week, there was a pack of seven decent performances, two not very good ones (Camile, JPL), and one really bad one (John).

Starting with the three who belonged at the bottom... Camile's [a] cute, [b] Hawaiian, and [c] been in danger a lot lately. The Hawaiian fan base seems to be surprisingly strong; whatever else happens, I'm pretty sure Camile and Jasmine won't be voted off in consecutive weeks, as whichever goes first is gonna send lots of votes to the one left standing. And being in the bottom three can have an innoculating effect; it reminds one's fan base that one needs the votes. JPL's cute. And John... well, up until this week I thought he was a refreshing change from the rest of the pack, and I imagine others were willing to write this week off as a fluke.

That leaves everybody else. People voting based on who the best singer was had a plethora of choices this week. Personally, I gave it to Fantasia, but she wasn't that far from the rest of the pack. Jasmine, Jennifer, George, Amy, Diana, and LaToya (in no particular order) all turned in respectable performances (although I still think LaToya's was a relatively weak one this time). Small wonder the vote got split seven ways from Sunday, and three of that group ended up at the bottom. That most of those wouldn't have been percieved as being in immediate danger can only have compounded their problem; Camile and John's fans knew it was vote-or-die for them this week.

At any rate, I remain convinced that once that field gets narrowed down to two or three, you'll see the rest of the chaff get winnowed away pretty quickly. And one can hope it'll happen sooner.

And you always have to throw in the K-Lo factor, she was in the bottom three or bottom two, what 7 out of the twelve weeks?

And she's about to have a top-10 single.

And Iain, I can't see them letting a repeat of last year's finals happen again, that would irk more people who have some misguided sense of ownership over the show.

I can confirm that Camille and Jasmine have a very strong fan base in Hawaii. They run commercials telling us to vote for them. They're in the news, television and newpapers. It's what people here talk about at work, even offices where people don't speak English very well (like my last work place, where I caught the workshop gossiping about American Idol a couple of times). The Hawaii "community" tends to be like that when anyone from here might become famous.

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