Make Your Pool Predictions!


You know the drill... rank everybody from projected American Idol down to the person who's gonna be voted out this week. My own best guess to follow in a comment in a little while.


i actually watched this time. every black contestant should stay. maybe it's a motown cultural thing... whatever, but they all ruled. that red headed guy needs to be voted off. everyone else was average. this is the first time i've seen the hawaii contestants. jasmine is cool. now i finally have something to talk about at work with my american idol coworker fans.

Elaine, welcome aboard. :-)

Okay, here goes. My pool choices for this week, in which I hedge all but one of my previous bets:

1. LaToya
2. George
3. Amy
4. Fantasia
5. Diana
6. Jon
7. Jasmine
8. Jennifer
9. Camile
10. John

1. LaToya
2. Diana
3. Fantasia
4. George
5. Jon
6. Amy
7. Jasmine
8. Jennifer
9. John
10. Camile

There are only two white guys left, John won't be going home this week, I just can't see it happening.

1. LaToya
2. Fantasia
3. George
4. Jasmine
5. Diana
6. Amy
7. JPL
8. Jennifer
9. Camile
10. John

Okay, one more rule, because I'm capricious and all that, plus I hate to see people left out. In the event that you make a prediction one week, but don't get around to doing so in the next, the previous week's guesses will carry over, omitting whoever got voted out. But you probably won't want to rely on this, and you can't do it three weeks in a row.

In other words... last week, my prediction was:

1: LaToya
2: Matt
3: Fantasia
4: Amy
5: George
6: John
7: Diana
8: Jon
9: Jasmine
10: Jennifer
11: Camile

If I hadn't posted any prediction this week, I'd be officially entered with:

1: LaToya
2: Fantasia
3: Amy
4: George
5: John
6: Diana
7: Jon
8: Jasmine
9: Jennifer
10: Camile

...note that this is rather different from what I actually entered. But perhaps better than nothing, in a pinch.

(Finally, Devin360, if you should you wander back here, I'm counting your late entry for last week as this week's entry, just without Matt. But only if we hear from you again.)

Just under the wire!!

1: LaToya
2: Fantasia
3: George
4: JPL
5: Diana
6: Jasmine
7: Amy
8: Jennifer
9: John
10: Camile

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