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Okay, people. Time for the first week of the Shmuel's Soapbox American Idol pool. Place this week's predictions now, either in a comment to this thread, or by e-mailing me. The deadline is 8 PM EST Wednesday, or 5 PM PST. Full rules here.

(My own predictions to follow shortly in a comment to this.)


Okay... here are my pool predictions for this week, giving my guesses for everybody's ultimate placement, from Idol on down:

1: LaToya
2: Matt
3: Fantasia
4: Amy
5: George
6: John
7: Diana
8: Jon
9: Jasmine
10: Jennifer
11: Camile

how do you know the rankings of anyone but the bottom three at any given point in time, or will this be a based on the end of the run kind of thing...or do they actually post where people ended up each week?

There's a full explanation of the process a few entries back, but the aim is not to predict how they'll be ranked by the voters this week (excepting #11), but rather how far each contestant will make it in the long haul. So, for example, in my entry above, I'm predicting that Camile will go home this week, Jennifer will go home next week, and so on, all the way up to LaToya becoming the next American Idol.

Ok, I'll play. What happens, though, if we miss a week? I'm on vacation/ writing workshop next week and even if I manage to catch the show, I'm not going to be able to email/ post predictions (most likely).

Anyway, here are my current predictions. I'm probably ordering these more on my own opiinions than what I think the American public will vote for, but since it's not for money, I'm not gonna worry about it :-)

1: LaToya
2: George
3: Amy
4: Fantasia
5: Diana
6: John
7: Jasmine
8: Jennifer
9: Matt
10: Jon
11: Camile

Heather: Yay! Thanks for playing!

If you want, you can place your bet for next week any time after tonight's result show airs. You won't have the benefit of seeing next week's performances before you do, but it's better than nothing.

these are my predictions for AI3
3-john peter lewis(despise)
4-jasmine(like alot)
5-diana(like alot)
6-camile(love the most)
9-george(he's alright but gay)
10-jennifer(like alot)

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