A bit more on the Top 12


Through the magic of my broadband Internet connection (thank you, Comcast!), I was able to see the second half of the Top 12 show after all. Granted, it was several days late, and I was not an unbiased viewer (looming throughout Leah's performance, for example, was the knowledge that she was the one kicked off the island this week). Also, it was a high-quality file with a fancy new video codec, and my Pentium II was struggling to keep up, so the sound and video were a bit out of sync. With that said, it was well worth the download, and I do have a few more reactions:

For the first time, I have an idea of what it is people see in George. I liked his performance this week; it was dynamic, had good vocal tone, and so on. I have mixed feelings about what he did to this particular song, though; I like "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" quite a bit, and it isn't supposed to be vibrant and punchy. In fact, I suspect this is one of the performances Simon had in mind when he complained about oversinging. On the other hand, if he'd done a more faithful rendition, it wouldn't have been a good song choice for Idol. All told, it was a bit of a perversion, but it worked, which is what matters, I suppose. (Then again, I like the Nicki French dance version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart," so I probably have no right to say a word about this.)

Jennifer was okay (I had forgotten that she was in the bottom three until checking it just now, but it doesn't surprise me); Leah was slightly less so. As for John S., I found myself agreeing with both Randy and Simon. On the one hand, he's been picking boring, sleep-inducing songs. This week's was okay, but too subdued. On the other hand, he's different, and I like having him in the show, at least partly in the hope that his performances will pick up. I'm thinking he'll be around awhile longer. I'm not quite sure what his demographic is, but I'm pretty certain he doesn't have much competition for it, while the Hot Girl Who Can Sing Well vote has got to be split several ways.

Speaking of which, Jasmine was pretty good, and Diana was really good (although I was looking forward to her performance after reading the recaps and may well have been biased). The latter probably would have gotten my vote had I been watching this live, and she just might be a contender for the top spot, if she can keep this up. Which is, to be sure, a big "if."

Incidentally, I hope the reason that I haven't heard from anybody about my pool (except the one person I already knew was interested) is that you're all too busy plotting out scenarios and getting ready to make your picks. Because if nobody else is interested in playing along, I'll be very sad. And you don't want that happening, do you?


From where did you download the last episode? I missed a few performances from last night's show. Course, I still voted for John Stevens. Why? because I love that Simon's chosen the weirdest people to champion this year. I mean, Paula getting behind craptastic singers like Leah and Camille is totally expected, but Simon backing both of the Johns/Jons? So odd. I love it!! Less oversinging R&B chicks and more weird white boys!!

I got my copy through the Unholy Spawn of Napster. Shareaza, in this case, although I've since downloaded a client specifically designed for BitTorrent that I'm playing around with. (The current version of 'raza can handle torrents, but just about crashed my system when it started fielding too many sources at once; I'm not sure whether that's a problem with the way it's implemented, or inherent in the method. Or just a sign that my computer is getting behind the times.)

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