Round 1, Week 4

Ack! My tape cut out just before the end! ...fortunately, it was just after the final performance, so all I missed was half of Paula's reaction to the final singer, and whatever Simon had to say. (Fortunately, as I was almost done writing this entry, the recap went up. But I skimmed straight to Simon's reaction, not wanting to be otherwise influenced by it until I posted this.)

Anyway... this was not a great group. Probably the second-worst out of the four, and, once again, I don't think there were any standout performances. Tiara's rendition of "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" could have been one, but, as Randy pointed out, the arrangement in the middle was seriously messed up, as she tried to cram too much into a short excerpt. Still, were I able to vote, she'd probably get mine; when she was good, she was better than anybody else in this group, and she can fix the arrangement problem down the line.

Second place would probably go to Suzy, whose performance of "Unbreak My Heart" was good. Although, as Simon pointed out, not memorable. Which doesn't say much for the rest of the list...

I'd give third place to John S., whose rendition of "She's Always a Woman" was soporific, but it was still a nice lullaby.

I suspect Lisa gets the award for bad song choice this week. She's cute, she has personality... but I got the impression that "Come to My Window" was out of her range. Oh, well.

Jasmine -- ironically singing "Run To You" -- had waaay too many runs. I'm with Randy; she's got potential, but she ain't there yet.

At the bottom of my rankings, you've got Heather (dynamic, but neither a good song choice, nor good singing... as an aside, Randy's comment about her seeming like a hotel singer was so Simon; the judges are clearly rubbing off on one another), John P., and George. I don't know what the judges like about George; I thought his performance was painful.

But that's just my opinion. I make no predictions at all this week; these groups of eight are always hard to call, and this is especially the case in a week when nobody was notably good.

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