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#MusicAdvent Day 9: "Dare to Be Stupid" was featured in the animated Transformers movie, in a scene involving the Junkions... but the Dinobots are in there, too. From there, it's a short step to dinosaurs.

Dare to Be Stupid

Tonight I went to see Moana with My Sister the Graphic Designer, and I didn't get home till really late, and I have work in the morning. (The film was excellent, the best thing to come out of the House of Mouse in years. Well done, Pamie et al.)

#MusicAdvent Day 8: Yesterday we had an affectionate pastiche of Jimmy Buffett by a comedic musical act. Today we have an affectionate pastiche of Devo by a comedic musical act.

Yet Another Friggin' Filler Entry

Today was the first day since the onset of the cold that I've been within normal operating parameters. (With more coughing and nose-blowing, granted, but not drastically more.) So that's good!

Tonight I attended my support group for people assigned male at birth who are on the female spectrum. And what happens in the room stays in the room, so that's all I'm saying about that.

I've also gone back to work on "I'm All Alone This Festivus (So I'm Polishing My Pole)," a song I have been wanting to write for years now. Maybe this will be the year I actually finish the thing, who knows.

With my sister, I'm on the phone
As I type this entry tonight
But it seems I'm on my own
When it comes to what to write.

#MusicAdvent Day 7: Yesterday we had a Jimmy Buffett song; today we have a Jimmy Buffett pastiche.

Tonight's copout entry

"Find outfits that flatter your current body type," began the comment that I just blocked. This is kind of relevant to my interests, except probably not in the way intended by the spambot's algorithm. I've been working on bringing my gender presentation more in line with my gender identity, which has been tricky, especially as the latter is a moving target.

And I may get back to that another night. Meanwhile, I'm going to get on with the doggerel and the music.

When time is up, it's
Time for couplets.

#MusicAdvent Day 6: We continue the volcano theme.

Holidailies Triolet XIII

Today, I made it into work for the first time since last Tuesday, so yay me.

I'm exhausted. Let's just go straight to the annual triolet.

I just wanna sleep, you guys,
So lemme go to bed.
On the blog, I'll compromise.
I just wanna sleep, you guys.
This is no time to make replies,
Or question what I've said.
I just wanna sleep, you guys,
So lemme go to bed.

(Previous Holidailies Triolet)

#MusicAdvent Day 5: Yesterday, we had a song from Matilda: The Musical, based on the book by Roald Dahl. Roald Dahl also wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, featuring the character of Veruca Salt, from which the band Veruca Salt took its name. Here's "Volcano Girls."


I'm going to do this entry in the reverse of my established order.

#MusicAdvent Day 4: Yesterday's song was "Matilda"; this is "Naughty," from Matilda: The Musical. This is a performance done for television, featuring the four actresses who then played Matilda in the West End production. It's not usually done in a quadraphonic fashion.

So here's the thing: the Broadway production of Matilda: The Musical closes this coming January 1st. There are only a few weeks left to see it. And you should want to see it, because it is so good, you guys.

I almost missed it myself. I'd been curious about it until I saw the number they chose for the Tony Awards, "Revolting Children," which put me off the show entirely. It seemed to get the tone of the book wildly, completely wrong, warping it into something far inferior. It turns out that "Revolting Children" is approximately the worst possible introduction to the show. I had taken it as being an Act I number establishing the school; it's actually a number from almost the end of Act II. And at the point when it comes in, it is earned, and it is brilliant... but without the context, that doesn't come across at all.

Fortunately, my sister decided it would make a good family outing a few years ago, and I agreed to come along, and it surpassed my every expectation. Eventually we went back. (Granted, this involved a complication, but we did get back in at a later date.)

As I said, the Broadway production closes January 1st. It's also playing in Toronto, where it closes January 7th. If you're elsewhere in the U.S., check out the schedule for the touring production; you may get lucky. If you're in London... no rush, I guess, but the West End production is still going strong. And finally, if you're in Australia, it's currently in Brisbane, and will be moving to Perth and Adelaide in the coming months.

(To address one frequently asked question: the musical and the movie are kind of like cousins? There's a family resemblance, but they're different entities. I like the musical much better, but I grant I didn't see the movie till afterward. If Mara Wilson is a cherished part of your childhood, be forewarned that it's not trying to be the same thing.)

I'm not much given to rave reviews
A "must-see" usually ain't.
Most of the time, I'm much more apt
To quibble and make complaint.

[And now we contrive a tortured scheme
To name drop the strip Broom-Hilda
In order to get to the final rhyme
About how much I like Matilda.]

Who ya gonna call in sick?

Y'know, I hadn't expected all my first entries to be about being sick. Of course, I hadn't expected to be sick either, so. Men tracht un Gott lacht.

Even as I foretold, I had to skip today's uke meetup. The studio informs me that people did show up for it, so that's good. None of them have yet reported in to say how it went, but it was probably fine.

(Why have they not reported in? I would have reported in...)

Today is better than yesterday, at least. I just need to be able to go back to work on Monday.

On the bright side, the extended cut of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call showed up in the mail today.

Who do you call when a spirit awaits?
Gilbert and Holtzmann and Tolan and Yates.
If ghosts come to play when you're in the park strollin'?
Gilbert and Holtzmann and Yates; also, Tolan.
A Macy's balloon that's alive, shaped like Dilbert?
Holtzmann and Tolan and Yates; also, Gilbert.
An army of spooks is helping the Colts win?
Tolan and Gilbert and Yates; also, Holtzmann.

#MusicAdvent Day 3: Yesterday's pick included a sample from "My Way of Life," by the Enoch Light Singers. Today's pick is another Enoch Light song, a percussive cover of "Matilda."

Still sick

Today I learned that not only is Opera-That-Was the only browser I can use to edit entries on this blog, but that I can do so only on my desktop. On my tablet, even that doesn't work.

Probably this should be a sign to switch to WordPress already, but eh.

Today... still sick, and increasingly cranky about it.

I've started a meetup--
It's located near me--
For people who play ukulele.

It meets twice a month--
We've met four times so far--
It's not an event we hold daily.

The next one's tomorrow--
I'll probably miss it--
The studio's already rented

The group will just have to
Go forward without me.
I hope that this isn't resented.

#MusicAdvent Day 2: Yesterday I started with "Lime in the Coconut" by Kermit the Frog and assorted other Muppets. Today, we're going to run with "coconut," which features in the lyrics to "Frontier Psychiatrist," by the Avalanches.

Another Year, Another Holidailies...

...and once again I have failed to upgrade the blog, and in fact this version of Movable Type now appears to require an old version of Opera to be able to edit anything, so that's fun.

Also fun: I've been out with a cold-or-something most of this week. I think I'm on the upswing, so that's good, but it means that this year's inaugural post is getting even shorter shrift than it otherwise might have gotten.

Fluids and rest, fluids and rest.
That's what they say you need for a cold.
They don't mention multiple boxes of tissues,
Just fluids and rest; that's all you'll be told.

I cannot contest that fluids and rest
Are awesome, important, and vital for mending
But when it comes down to getting that rest
NyQuil's the thing they should be recommending.

#MusicAdvent this year is to make a chain of songs, which will probably make more sense after we see it in action. I have no plan for where I'm going with this; I just chose something thematically appropriate for my current condition.

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