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Purity Checkup

Has it really been eight years since I last posted Purity Test results here? I could've sworn I did it more recently...

The Avengers (2012)

I've been planning all sorts of other entries, and even started one or two of them, but they haven't yet happened.

Meanwhile, my girlfriend and I went to see The Avengers for her birthday. We both expected to like it. As near as I can tell, she found the ending disturbing, but otherwise thought it was okay. Me, I hated it, and said so on Twitter, and since then have been asked to elaborate. Hence this entry.

The full rant follows the jump, and is spoiler-laden. The non-spoilerish version would be that if you like big dumb movies where there's lots of violence and damage and death and destruction, and you're not much concerned with plot and characterization, then you will probably love this film. Otherwise, not so much.

Spoilers follow.

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