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Things I've learned in the past week

  1. Facing a crisis together can really strengthen a relationship.
  2. One way to win a woman's heart is to matter-of-factly wipe the drool off her sick cat's chin.
  3. My girlfriend is friggin' amazing.

...granted, I already knew that last of those. (I've also learned some things about feline feeding tubes and the interactions of diabetes and colds, but the important bit is that the cat is on the mend.)

In other news, yes, I totally flunked Holidailies 2011, for which I apologize. Nor have I yet explained the existence of a girlfriend in my life, let alone her cats. I keep starting on that, and then putting it off till I have the time and energy to do it properly, but I suppose that's not going to get me very far. Which is one reason I'm just going ahead and posting this.

But for now... there's this girl. We met in July. I hope to tell you more one of these days. (Her one request is that I keep her name out of this journal, and I ask those of my readers who know it to keep that in mind if they comment.)

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