Yet Another Friggin' Filler Entry

Today was the first day since the onset of the cold that I've been within normal operating parameters. (With more coughing and nose-blowing, granted, but not drastically more.) So that's good!

Tonight I attended my support group for people assigned male at birth who are on the female spectrum. And what happens in the room stays in the room, so that's all I'm saying about that.

I've also gone back to work on "I'm All Alone This Festivus (So I'm Polishing My Pole)," a song I have been wanting to write for years now. Maybe this will be the year I actually finish the thing, who knows.

With my sister, I'm on the phone
As I type this entry tonight
But it seems I'm on my own
When it comes to what to write.

#MusicAdvent Day 7: Yesterday we had a Jimmy Buffett song; today we have a Jimmy Buffett pastiche.

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