I'm going to do this entry in the reverse of my established order.

#MusicAdvent Day 4: Yesterday's song was "Matilda"; this is "Naughty," from Matilda: The Musical. This is a performance done for television, featuring the four actresses who then played Matilda in the West End production. It's not usually done in a quadraphonic fashion.

So here's the thing: the Broadway production of Matilda: The Musical closes this coming January 1st. There are only a few weeks left to see it. And you should want to see it, because it is so good, you guys.

I almost missed it myself. I'd been curious about it until I saw the number they chose for the Tony Awards, "Revolting Children," which put me off the show entirely. It seemed to get the tone of the book wildly, completely wrong, warping it into something far inferior. It turns out that "Revolting Children" is approximately the worst possible introduction to the show. I had taken it as being an Act I number establishing the school; it's actually a number from almost the end of Act II. And at the point when it comes in, it is earned, and it is brilliant... but without the context, that doesn't come across at all.

Fortunately, my sister decided it would make a good family outing a few years ago, and I agreed to come along, and it surpassed my every expectation. Eventually we went back. (Granted, this involved a complication, but we did get back in at a later date.)

As I said, the Broadway production closes January 1st. It's also playing in Toronto, where it closes January 7th. If you're elsewhere in the U.S., check out the schedule for the touring production; you may get lucky. If you're in London... no rush, I guess, but the West End production is still going strong. And finally, if you're in Australia, it's currently in Brisbane, and will be moving to Perth and Adelaide in the coming months.

(To address one frequently asked question: the musical and the movie are kind of like cousins? There's a family resemblance, but they're different entities. I like the musical much better, but I grant I didn't see the movie till afterward. If Mara Wilson is a cherished part of your childhood, be forewarned that it's not trying to be the same thing.)

I'm not much given to rave reviews
A "must-see" usually ain't.
Most of the time, I'm much more apt
To quibble and make complaint.

[And now we contrive a tortured scheme
To name drop the strip Broom-Hilda
In order to get to the final rhyme
About how much I like Matilda.]

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