Who ya gonna call in sick?

Y'know, I hadn't expected all my first entries to be about being sick. Of course, I hadn't expected to be sick either, so. Men tracht un Gott lacht.

Even as I foretold, I had to skip today's uke meetup. The studio informs me that people did show up for it, so that's good. None of them have yet reported in to say how it went, but it was probably fine.

(Why have they not reported in? I would have reported in...)

Today is better than yesterday, at least. I just need to be able to go back to work on Monday.

On the bright side, the extended cut of Ghostbusters: Answer the Call showed up in the mail today.

Who do you call when a spirit awaits?
Gilbert and Holtzmann and Tolan and Yates.
If ghosts come to play when you're in the park strollin'?
Gilbert and Holtzmann and Yates; also, Tolan.
A Macy's balloon that's alive, shaped like Dilbert?
Holtzmann and Tolan and Yates; also, Gilbert.
An army of spooks is helping the Colts win?
Tolan and Gilbert and Yates; also, Holtzmann.

#MusicAdvent Day 3: Yesterday's pick included a sample from "My Way of Life," by the Enoch Light Singers. Today's pick is another Enoch Light song, a percussive cover of "Matilda."

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