Still sick

Today I learned that not only is Opera-That-Was the only browser I can use to edit entries on this blog, but that I can do so only on my desktop. On my tablet, even that doesn't work.

Probably this should be a sign to switch to WordPress already, but eh.

Today... still sick, and increasingly cranky about it.

I've started a meetup--
It's located near me--
For people who play ukulele.

It meets twice a month--
We've met four times so far--
It's not an event we hold daily.

The next one's tomorrow--
I'll probably miss it--
The studio's already rented

The group will just have to
Go forward without me.
I hope that this isn't resented.

#MusicAdvent Day 2: Yesterday I started with "Lime in the Coconut" by Kermit the Frog and assorted other Muppets. Today, we're going to run with "coconut," which features in the lyrics to "Frontier Psychiatrist," by the Avalanches.

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