Another Year, Another Holidailies...

...and once again I have failed to upgrade the blog, and in fact this version of Movable Type now appears to require an old version of Opera to be able to edit anything, so that's fun.

Also fun: I've been out with a cold-or-something most of this week. I think I'm on the upswing, so that's good, but it means that this year's inaugural post is getting even shorter shrift than it otherwise might have gotten.

Fluids and rest, fluids and rest.
That's what they say you need for a cold.
They don't mention multiple boxes of tissues,
Just fluids and rest; that's all you'll be told.

I cannot contest that fluids and rest
Are awesome, important, and vital for mending
But when it comes down to getting that rest
NyQuil's the thing they should be recommending.

#MusicAdvent this year is to make a chain of songs, which will probably make more sense after we see it in action. I have no plan for where I'm going with this; I just chose something thematically appropriate for my current condition.

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