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Yesterday I went to Margot's Pizza, a pop-up bar pizza venture. It opens only on occasional Saturdays, on a ticketed basis, and tickets tend to sell out in under a minute.

This was my second time there. The first time, I went myself, and while I did put away an entire "Margot-Rita" myself, it was a bit too much of a good thing. (I also felt that while I am usually a pizza minimalist, this was one case where it might have benefited from more toppings.) This time around, I brought a friend, and we had the "Love Supreme," with peppers and onions and—in our case—vegan sausage, and it was good.

If you're in the Brooklyn area and want to check it out for yourself, go to the website and get on the mailing list.

(Someday I need to go back there during the week and try Emily's pizza.)

In other news, my sister and I each had the ability to claim two tickets to any They Might Be Giants show, for reasons. We decided to take along one of our brothers and his fianceĆ©. Despite a raft of misgivings, she convinced me to go with their New Year's Eve show, which—for reasons I cannot now account for—we had thought was at 8 PM. I figured, okay, I wasn't thrilled about having to take the train back from Brooklyn on NYE, but at least I'd be home before midnight.

Turns out it actually starts at 11 PM. Which... no, sorry, wild horses couldn't drag me there. (I like TMBG and all, but I've already served my endure-arduous-conditions-to-see-them-in-concert time, having been at the performance filmed for Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns. [I was young and foolish then; I feel old and foolish now.])

The other three are still on board, and she's trying to get another brother to take my place. Whee.

And finally, an unsolicited commercial endorsement. Do you live in the Northeastern U.S., and are you looking for a last-minute gift for somebody who likes tea? Adagio Teas of New Jersey has your back. (If you're elsewhere in the U.S., and you spring for second-day delivery, that should work too.) Excellent loose-leaf tea and tea accessories.

These days, my default cuppa is Jessica Pratt's blend inspired by Princess Anna; it's a black tea with chocolate and caramel. (Exactly how the "fandom blends" skate by the trademark police, I do not know, but it's not my problem.) And the ingenuiTEA teapot is most useful.

(My only complaint about the company is that they try to get you to spread the news about them on social media, offering incentives for spreading the word. I have not taken them up on such offers, and I am getting nothing at all for mentioning them here.)

Music Advent catch-up time!

Day 17: "The Queen and the Soldier," by Suzanne Vega:

Day 18: "Rhythm of Life," by Sammy Davis Jr.:

Day 19: "Sci-Fi Wasabi," by Cibo Matto:

Day 20: "Turning Japanese," by Kirsten Dunst:

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