Catching Up

Note to self: if you're going to drink socially, remember to have some water as well, lest the world seem slightly off-kilter in the morning.

(Well, even more off-kilter than usual. Self is not a morning person. Self is also typing this while only halfway through the morning cuppa tea, which may help explain why Self sounds a bit like Elmo?)

That aside, last night's date was fun! We went to a bar trivia game... there was a field of twelve teams by the end (I think one or two others dropped out early). We came in second, which is pretty darn good for a two-person team. (The maximum was six. I think the first-place team had three.)

The trivia host thanked us for our enthusiastic "whoo"-ing, which stood out among the generally more low-key crowd. I managed not to note that wooing was precisely what I was there for, but it was a near thing. (The pun was right there, hanging over the plate...)

So I missed the last two days, for which I apologize. Let's catch up on Music Advent.

Day 7: "Generic, Up-Tempo Folk Song," by the Limeliters.

Day 8: "Happy Together," by the Turtles.

(Note the guy in the yellow sweater, who pretends to play the trumpet. [Wikipedia identifies him as Mark Volman.] In other, equally lip-synced TV appearances, he pretends to play the piano and wields a French horn.)

Day 9: "I Say Chanukah (You Say Hanukah)," by Mama Doni.

Because it's seasonally appropriate!

Also, if you like historical romances, Courtney Milan's latest, Once Upon a Marquess, is now out in all formats! I have not read this one yet, but I've read almost all her previous work (barring a novella or two, saved for a rainy day), and she's really good.

(If you don't know whether you like historical romances, Milan's The Governess Affair, a novella leading into a previous series, is a mere 99ยข.)

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