Ease on Down the Road


Let's lead with Music Advent today. This one's an easy choice, because it's the song with which I was hopelessly earwormed for much of last week. (On the second day, I worked out the ukulele chords. This did not help get it out of my system.) It is remarkably infectious, and why should I be the only one so afflicted?

Besides, the song is seasonally appropriate; it's based on a classic Christmas movie.

No, not that one. Not that one, either.

I mean Die Hard.

The song is "Christmas in L.A. (Yippee Ki Yay)," by Marian Call. (Note: Not Safe For Work! Explicit lyrics!)

I had some thoughts of recording a ukulele version in the hour I had between getting home from work and the start of the live production of The Wiz, but I couldn't find my camera. I really, really need to clean my apartment.

(Actually, progress is being made on that front. I've taken down five bags of trash over the past few days. Still plenty more clutter to deal with, though...)

Say this for NBC's live musicals: I don't have much appointment television, but I watch these every year.

And the third time was the charm! The Wiz was excellent. They got the sound levels right this time, the costuming was top-notch, and the performances were all well done. My only complaint is my annual one about there not being a live audience, but I was so busy being entertained that I didn't care so much this time.

(One caveat: I haven't seen any prior productions of The Wiz, though I did have the original Broadway cast recording on LP. I've been told that I need to see the movie, and I have duly added it to the List Of Things I Should Watch.)


My previous experience with The Wiz was the movie from back before most people even had VCRs (I'm really old).

Like you, the NBC musicals have been appointment viewing for me (well, sort of, I DVR them and start them 20 minutes in so I can zoom past the commercials.)

The others were OK. (I think the actress who did Peter Pan would have made an awesome Maria, but then, I also think Brent Spiner would have made an awesome hook, so, you know YMMV.)

This one, except for the lack of energy that only a live audience can provide (and how difficult, I ask you, would it be to have an audience on three sides of the performance space? Really? NOT VERY!), was fantastic.

And I should have written all this in my own blog, because then I wouldn't have to come up with something new.

That Marian Call song was genius, I sent the link to my friend who's into Die Hard immediately :)

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