B is for Blah


So I discovered this just now: a website listing adjectives based on the letters they start with. Considering that I in fact googled "adjectives that start with B," it's nice to see that the Internet has my back. (Even if I ended up spurning that entire class of words in the title of this entry.)

There were so very many Music Advent choices today. (It should get easier later in the alphabet, so there's that.) I was tempted by "Breakaway," "Bongo Rock," "Bach Portrait," and "Bridge over Troubled Water"... but there can be only one! And my choice today is "Blue Bayou," as covered by Linda Ronstadt.

Ideally, the Muppet Show version:

The Letter of the Day also reminded me to look over my "Baby Got Back" page, swapping out some URLs due to linkrot, and adding a few more versions that have showed up in the past eleven months.

Also, I covered "Blank Space" a couple months ago:

(Will I have a real entry tomorrow? Who knows!)


I love "Blue Bayou," and I had no idea there was a muppet version. Learn something new every day.

I'm so glad to see posts from you again this year... and guess what? I FINALLY BOUGHT A GUITAR! (Yes, I had to shout that.)

It's a travel guitar, so not very big (mainly because it was also not very expensive - $250) from Luna Guitars via Guitar Center.

But it has a real wood top.
And it's pretty.

(I start actual lessons in January.)

How ironic.... just not long ago I was humming "Blue Bayou" to myself. Many years ago a group of friends sang "Blue Bayou" at a karaoke bar and I was thinking about that night.

I also happen to live in a town called "Bayou Blue."

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