Holidailies is Here Again!

Welcome back to the one time of year when I remember that I have an online journal, and attempt to update it every day!

People wandering in from the Holidailies site: Hi! I'm Shmuel. You may remember this journal from its bright yellow background, which I selected back in 1999 and have stuck with ever since. Though now there's purple as well. Purple has somehow become my signature color, which is just one of many things I never saw coming back in 1999. (Considering that the others include radical shakeups of my religious and gender identities, this is admittedly small potatoes.)

I have somehow made it through another year. In the course of it, I have continued to fail in my quest for a full-time job, despite a few interviews. I have at least gotten a steady two-day-a-week copyediting gig at a publisher that shall remain nameless, and occasionally they have me fill in on additional days as well. So that's certainly better than nothing.

I also wrote another song about my birthday, which you may view below. Be sure to take notes!

(I also started a Patreon account at Monique's instigation, but I may be about to drastically change its focus. Which is why that link is to the song I wrote about it, rather than the account itself. Stay tuned.)

Over the past couple of days, my relationship with the landlords has degraded from "uneasy" to "nakedly hostile." So that's fun. After a month of complaints that got no results whatsoever, I contacted the city today about the fact that the heat had yet to come on in my apartment at any time since the summer. Lo and behold, the super came by shortly thereafter, and the heat did briefly appear! We'll see if that keeps up.

(If it does, I have no doubt I'll start complaining about it here! The steam heat in my apartment has only two settings: "icebox" and "sauna." But only the former is actually illegal.)

The start of December also marks the return of #MusicAdvent! This year, the rules are to post a song beginning with "A" on the first day, "B" on the second day, and so on, skipping "X" and ending with "Z" on Christmas. I am torn between several choices, but ultimately I'm going to go with the most thematically appropriate today: "ABC," by the Jackson 5.

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