Last Day of the Year

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And so we come to the end of another Holidailies. While this month's entries have not, on the whole, been very good, it's still nice that I wrote anything at all, let alone 29 entries. This was, by a wide margin, my best Holidailies record since 2003. (It appears that I missed only one day in 2003.)

I considered doing a year-end quiz, but too many of the answers boiled down to "I need a job."

Elaine thinks I should start a journal without my name attached to it, so I can rant about whatever I feel like without worrying about potential employers and/or dates stumbling upon it. I'm not so sure about that, but I'm considering password-protected entries. We'll see. Possibly all it'd do is take away one of my excuses for never getting around to updating.

Regardless, thanks for reading, and I'll see y'all next year.

On another note, GrooveLily's New Year's Eve musical Striking 12 can be played in its entirety on Bandcamp, and I enthusiastically commend it to your attention.

Yet Another Short Update

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Today I learned that some people on MetaFilter really don't care for Dave Barry. And that others there do like him. In conclusion, MetaFilter is a land of contrasts.

Otherwise, I sent off another job application (this time for a contract position). And wrote one quatrain of a song that may or may not get any further. And complained about the heat, which came back to my apartment again in full force last night. And went out to the drugstore for more epsom salts. And braved the kitchen (at the hottest end of my apartment) long enough to heat up some pizza. And watched two more episodes of Korra.

Aren't you glad I'm updating this month? (Aren't you glad it has only one day to go?)

Another Short Update


Over the past couple days, I have applied to three more jobs. Also, I've finished the first season of Korra and started on the second. And I've done a little more apartment decluttering. And done some light reading. So there's that.

The BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Good Omens wasn't bad. It's available for listening for the next few weeks.

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