March 25, 2003

An Anniversary to Die For by Valerie Wolzien

The continuing mystery adventures of WASPy, rich Susan Henshaw, a housewife in Connecticut. I think Wolzien loves to write this character; Susan seems like a genuinely nice mother, wife, and friend who is involved in her community and just happens to have a LOT of money at her disposal. The money is never a character in the novels -- at least not for Susan. It's an interesting glimpse for me since, while I might be WASPy, I'm not rich, a housewife, or in the Northeast. :-)

That said ... well, it's just another adventure. I had this one figured out pretty early. It says something that I can't even remember the resolution of the novel; it just didn't seem important. It's almost like the murder portion of this mystery novel only had the purpose of serving as framework for the updates in Susan's life. Those updates are one of the aspects I truly enjoy about this series - the characters move through time in a realistic manner. Susan's children were in middle and high school when the series started. Now the youngest is in college and the eldest has graduated and gotten married. I like it when time actually progresses in novels.

Posted by Erin at 1:11 PM