April 12, 2003

Bridget Jones's Diary, by Helen Fielding

124 lbs. Alcohol units: 0 Cigarettes: 0 Calories: 1490 (approx., as, unlike Bridget, am not proficient calorie-counter).

Reread Bridget Jones's Diary, in part to refresh memory re: style, for Camelot VSDs. Enjoyed v. much.

As aside, some time back, cited BJD as example of British book that was not Americanized in U.S. edition. Manifest nonsense; heavy editing clearly done to bring spelling and word usage into line, while still conveying impression of British flavo(u)r. This is not a criticism, though; would not have liked to have done conversions from stone to pounds. Editing appreciated.

Also: saw film just after finishing rereading book. With exception of v. bad bit at the end, loved it. Brilliantly done. (And those who claim that the actress wasn't remotely fat missed the point: neither is Bridget.)

Posted by Shmuel at 11:05 PM