April 2, 2003

Four to Score by Janet Evanovich

One of the funniest books in the Stephanie Plum series. This is -- you probably already guessed it since it's a book that I read -- a mystery novel that's part of a larger series. Fortunately they're numbered so they can be read in order by those who aren't so OCD they check publishing dates. I'm firmly in the OCD group, so I've been going through them for a little while; this was a re-read at Adelle's recommendation.

It's a hilarious book that's lightweight and just FUN. There are no pretensions to literary greatness and there's a whole lot of tongue-in-cheekness in these books. I mean, what else could you do when you're writing about a bumbling bounty hunter from Jersey with a penchant for fried chicken, getting her car blown up or otherwise mangled, and men who make her bones melt?

Yep. That's not even bringing Grandma Mazur or Lula into the mix. As an aside, I love these but they seem to appeal primarily to women. I'm not too sure why. Of course, I'm biased toward a novel that talks about the protagonist's crush on a hockey player.

Posted by Erin at 12:59 PM